Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Last Week of 2013!

Good morning…

Kafka says hello as well…

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Wow! Where did 2013 go?!


So I know there is a lot of talk about New Years resolutions, but the bottom line I just don’t do them.

I love the idea of a clean slate…a brand new year with amazing opportunities ahead of me.

So with that thought in mind…

I am looking this year…2014…to making yearly goals.

What goals?

So so happy you asked!

    1. Meal Planning. I need to plan my meals better. Not just mine, but my families as well. Even if it is just a rough draft with wiggle room for them. That is better than nothing. It will help us all eat better AND save me money by not throwing away so much food. A win win for sure!
    2. Drink More Water! I have really slacked and need to do better. I will drink a minimum of 64 oz water or herbal decaf tea each day aiming more to 100 oz.
    3. Log my protein. Boy oh boy it is so important I do this. I will aim for 75 g. of protein minimum.
    4. Exercise! I know this is always a slack of mine. I just do not seem to pen it into my regular schedule. I have a week to get that down on paper and to make sure exercise becomes a part of my life this year. I will aim for 20 - 30 minutes of something, anything 5 days a week. Penning into my schedule…No excuses!
    5. Gratitude. I am thankful, but at times I think I lose sight when things get hard of the wonderful things…more like people…that I have in my life. I will journal, the good ol’ paper kind thoughts of gratitude a few times a week…at least.

For me this will begin 2014 and I will modify, add or delete as life goes on.

For the exercise I thought I might try out GaiamTv…

Have you ever tried them?

What are your thoughts?

Did you like them?

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So Talk to me…what goals do you have for 2014?

Until next time…


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