Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello my dear friends. The past couple days were not do good. Not bad...just not good. I find I miss my oldest son terribly. It hits me more so when I need to go back to the town we moved from back in November. That was yesterday.

I look for him.

Not stalkish like just in my travels I look for him.

We are giving him his space to grow into the man he chooses to be. We may not agree with his choices but they are his to make.

I love him and my heart hurts not seeing or talking to him. I miss him, did I say that already? Yes I know, but I do really bad.

That's where my thoughts have been and that makes me so sad.

With this I felt no desire to get to the gym today. I have however still met my steps goal and I'm thrilled about that.

Change is hard. Bad change but even good change is hard. I'm really not feeling it at my new gym.

I miss Bay Area Fitness. A lot!

I meshed there.

I fit in there.

I felt at home there.

I'm just not getting into a groove at Planet Fitness. At all.

I love the message chairs but that does not help in the fitness area.

I'm having a hard time with this change. Can you help? Do you have any input? Ideas? Just tell me to suck it up and do it?

On an up note my daughter and I are going on a road trip at the end of the month. I'm really looking forward to it. A lot!!

I need the trip. And it's a plus I get one on one time with her for 5 days.

Also my youngest son was awarded Student of the Month for February and the theme for choosing was kindness!! I'm so proud of him.

In closing on the slim chance you are reading this Austin please know I love you and I miss you. Call us once in a while. Let us know how you are doing. That you are ok.

Thanks to all you awesome friends that follow me along this crazy journey. You make my days better. Truly.

Until next time...


Trish said...

oh yes..the growing pains of separation of a son and Mom....i have found, from my own experience, that when you don't hear from them, you can trust they are doing well.... they reach out when their not or when they meet a serious girlfriend.....xoxo doesn't make it any easier...been there..done that...still do.... :-)

Trish said...

I know you are right...this is definitely the hardest thing EVER!!!!