Monday, January 14, 2013

Writer’s Block!?

I have been really busy lately and also have just not felt like writing! The few times I have felt like it I have just been too busy to stop and write it out. SIGH

I also feel a bit “crispy”?

I do want to share my 6 month progress pics with you though…

6 month front6 month side

You can see side by side comparison from my start HERE if you like.

I know I will be writing again I am just…well not feeling it right now…feeling blah actually.

Have a great day!

Until next time…


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Tracy @ said...

Trish you are rocking it with your comparison pictures! I am so proud of your progress. I hear ya on the writers block. I do think it is good if you are blog journaling to keep posting as it keep you in the habit. Sometimes we just don't have profound things to say each day. Me too. Sometimes I think, "I'll just do a video and post it" that works sometimes too, shakes it up. Keep it up, you look great from the inside out!