Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday Salutations

Hello you wonderful people!!

My morning jolt! =)morning protein coffee

Enjoyed a nice lunch out with my family at UNO’s.1 26 13

It was COLD!!!! So when it is cold what should one order for lunch?

UNO Chili

A hot bowl of chili of course! It is so good! It is definitely a bit high in the calorie department but I figure once in a  while is ok and I readjust the remainder of the day. Starbucks

Then of course I need my fix at Starbucks with my skinny hazelnut latte. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! At 130 calories AND 13g of protein I can indulge feeling no guilt!

A quick trip to Best Buy to exchange a MacBook pro the hubs bought earlier this month that had a defective keyboard and off to Sam's for a little shopping.

I got a lot of walking in….spent time with the fam…met up with a friend for a little bit…then home again.

A great Saturday if I do say so myself!

How was your Saturday? Anything special?

Until next time…



Shannon Lavery said...

So glad you enjoyed your saturday! Love the hat and happy face :)

Trish Succeeding said...

Thank you Shan!!! Hope you enjoyed yours as well.