Friday, November 2, 2012

Time Moves On

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Ah the time is ticking away. This past week has been a challenge to me. I have wanted CHOCOLATE in a bad way!! I also found I wanted to eat…a lot. Though most days I was able to resist I will admit I did give in a little. Monday I hit my 4 month post-op. I look at t hat and just really feel like my surgery was forever ago, but really it was not. It has not been even 4 months yet as I am writing this!

I have definitely found and formed some really good habits. I definitely feel a LOT better than I did 4 months ago prior to surgery. My PCP that I saw yesterday for my yearly check-up was happy to see the progress and even though I know my personal progress is slower than a “typical” gastric bypass patient, I am ok with it. I am doing GREAT for me! I know I have always lost incredibly slow and I have to fight for every ounce to come off. I did not expect post-op to be a lot different, just steady. That it has been…steady. I will take it.

Time is ticking down to the time we move as well. Next Saturday is the day and I really really hope we have a decent day to move. No rain. Please. Been there. Done that. Really would like to not repeat if at all possible. I know we have a possible nor'easter coming on Wednesday. Hopefully that will be the worst of it and we then get a mild next few days. That is my hope anyway…we shall see.

We really dodged a bullet with the hurricane this past week. Hurricane Sandy has come and gone and I have been amazed seeing the pictures of the devastation in different areas. We found out though that my sister and brother-in-law in Connecticut did not fare so well. Lost their truck among other things. Losing a vehicle is one thing however my brother-in-law is self employed and his truck is an important tool with his job. I am waiting to hear if things are getting done. Our prayers are with them that they do get things taken care of and back to “normal” sooner than later.

Of course my heart and prayers go out to all those that were effected by hurricane Sandy. Truly truly has been such a devastating storm. On the flip side though it has also been very heartwarming to see the good come from this horrible destruction. The human element to disasters always makes me smile and reminds me amongst all the bad we see there still is good out there. It is a shame though that it takes a disaster to bring that human element out.

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What happy news have you heard that has come from this latest tragedy?

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