Friday, April 27, 2012

Ramblings and A Giveaway

Wow! Friday is already here!?? Where did the week go?


The week has been pretty good…I am finally feeling better…7 days on antibiotics. I am hoping to not have any relapse here. This thing really has taken a toll on me.

Moving on…

I found a picture of me while looking for something else…MeThis is from a couple years back. Blech!

I still have this dress….it still fits…SIGH

Yet another reason to keep in mind as I move forward with surgery.

I need to move away from this.

Moving on…

Today I had a “date” with my oldest. Been long over do.

WE shopped and shopped. He wanted running shoes…he is starting to run.

This makes me happy.

The past few days Hubs has been doing some food photography…Eat a Kiwi







The best part of these types of shoots…eating the “props”!!!

This is what we have been busy with.

I also want to tell you about a new product coming out AND you might get one for free!

Hop on over HERE to enter Eggfaces Decaf Click giveaway and get the deets!

What’s new with you? Plans for the weekend?

Until next time…


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