Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crazy Crazy Crazy

Good morning friends.

It has been crazy here to say the least. I have been wanting to write and share my daily eats, however between a personal family issue going on, the kids commandeering my computer for netflix (they have been on school vacation for the past week!) and the passing of a dear friend, the fingers have not met the keyboard.

Today that (1)

My day began with a cut up orange and homemade breakfast (2)

I made 1 egg mixed with 1 T real bacon bits, carrot shreds and placed in on top of a slice of cheese and in between a sandwich thin. So good and a total of 7 PP

IMG_4232photo (3)

Lunch I made a Lean Cuisine meal and added a few chips and some sour cream for a lunch total of 12PP


I am afraid that is it for the pics from yesterday. but Dinner was a pork roast slow cooked all day with a cranberry marinade. I had potato salad on the side and steamed broccoli for a total of 14PP, this included 2 t. of olive oil.

Snacks were some peeps(I fell victim to these cute little bunnies!) for 6PP

a couple pieces of muenster cheese and salami for 11PP.

That was my day. I actually had 3PP left for the day and just could not justify eating something given I was not hungry to just satisfy “eating all my points”.

I have yet to attend a meeting, pretty certain I will on Wednesday. I am hopeful I will. Being we are down to 1 vehicle…hopefully only temporarily…it will be tricky maneuvering it. I will succeed in it though.

If you read my last post about me joining Weight Watchers again…nothing has changed as far as sharing it with friends/family here. I need to keep it that way, at least for a while…just a reminder to those who know me “in real life”, not just from the blogoshere that I need to do this for me.

I am amazed at just how many points I have and because of that the head says it is OK to have sweets…I have the points for it. I definitely feel the need to move over to the Simply Filling Technique soon. I want to get the meetings in before doing that…the first 3 to jump start your program…

How has your week been?



Michelle Jackson said...

That breakfast sandwich looks good...and the pork roast sounds yummy.

Keep up the great work!

Diane Fit to the finish said...

I have a friend who recently joined and is having the same issue with wanting sweets because it is in her point range. She is winning the battle though! Hope you do well on it - a lot of people have such great success with it!