Monday, September 1, 2014

Good Bye August!

Hello there lovlies, wow August flew bye! Totally crazy how that happens when you are busy.Visit me at  ©


August held some pretty good things for me.

8 10 14 Face

I finally feel pretty!

I actually like to have my photo taken…most days! =)

I have less than 40 pounds to go to reach my goal!!!


Dad visiting from SC @

My dad came up and visited us from SC.

We really enjoyed it, have not seen him in about 5 years!!

 "K" got her braces off! ©“K” got her braces off!!


Such a gorgeous smile!!      

Lobster dinner ©

Enjoyed a lobster dinner thanks to my Dad!

Did I mention he was a chef by trade??

Oh yeah it was good!!

Flowers from "K" ©

My beautiful daughter “K” bought me these gorgeous flowers just because…she is a keppah!

Scotty day 1 post op  ©

My good friend Scotty had his surgery, we visited the following day…remember those first days like they were yesterday!!

He stopped by the house today and is already 30 pounds down!!

Great job!!!

"R" heads back to school ©

“R” went back to school…my little boy is now a 5th grader!!!

Wow how time flies!

Now we are in September, hard to believe.

With autumn just around the corner!!


My life as I know it is currently in a holding pattern with personal stuff which is driving me a bit looney.

Day by day I do my best to focus on positive things in my life.

Most days I am successful.

Other days, like today I have a harder time.

It is amazing truly how I am being watched over though by my heavenly Father.

He sends my friends just when I am at my lowest.

A relatively new friend called up and invited the kids and I to their home this afternoon for an end of summer party.

My friend Scotty stopped by for a visit just a little bit ago with his son.

Despite all the disappointments I have face and certainly will continue to face the one constant I have is my relationship with my God.

Through all the problems with my husband,

our failing marriage,

his unfaithfulness to our vows,

my relationship with my heavenly Father continues to grow stronger and I am most thankful for that.

Without that I do not even want to think where I might be emotionally…spiritually.

That is one relationship that keeps me grounded.

It keeps me sane.

Like never before I have seen his hand reached out to me and my children in so many ways.

So for today I am ok.

That is all I can ask for…

To take in stride the things that are put before me confident I will not be given more than I can manage.

Have a fantabulous week!

Make each day count in one way or another!

Until next time…