Monday, April 21, 2014


Good morning.

So a few weeks ago my Giordi went to a new home. I miss him terribly but circumstances here on the home front are changing and I needed someone to take over his care. I am truly thankful to have found him a loving family where he is not just being cared for, but is lovingly being spoiled! That, however does not take away the empty spot in my heart for him.

I really have not felt like sharing or writing lately but do have a couple of reviews of different products I will be sharing with you soon.

Update on my weightloss is that I am still losing, slowly but still working towards my ultimate goal. I am currently down 151 pounds with wanting to lose about another 50 or so. 

I am a stress eater and even having a rearranged digestive system does not cure that habit. I am a work in progress and will work through all the stressors going on in my life right now. I can only change me and how I deal with things, I cannot change the actions of someone else. 

This winter has been really difficult in so many ways, ways I could never have imagined and with Spring here, on the calendar anyway, and Summer aporoaching I am looking forward to time spent with my children enjoying every moment we can in the sunny warm weather. 

The changing weather does avail itself to being more active which is a good thing for me in the area of weight loss too. Looking towards those positive things, it's a must. 

Be on the watch for food photos in journal form appearing soon,  I need to work on the accountability and that truly seems to help me a great deal.

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling! 

Until next time...