Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#WIAW Post #WLS Style {3.4.15}

Good morning friends!

My emotions keeping rising a roller coaster, to be expected I guess.

Does not mean I have to like it.

I do need to deal with it.

For the most part I do think I am.

One day at a time, right?!

Onto the daily eats…


Protein coffee @

Yes my protein coffee.

I just do not see a need to change this.

I enjoy it and I get a good boost to my daily protein intake.

A win win in my book! =}

Lunch: Lunch @ IamSucceeding.comWith my work schedule…


This is about all I can tolerate for lunch most days.

Thankfully it does keep me satisfied until dinner.

This happened to be blueberry greek.



Dinner @

Love BOCA Burgers.

Such a great protein to calorie ratio and tasty.

Added a slice of provolone, ketchup, light mayo and siricha sauce.

On the side…




Snack:Snack @ IamSucceeding.comA cafe mocha!

Again I use a protein blend in this.

Topped with some whipped cream.


There ya have it…

Be sure to check out other great Daily Eats over at Peas & Crayons WIAW Link up!

Hope your day is a great one!

Until next time be amazing!