Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Scale Time: Missed a Week!


Good morning lovlies!Trish from

I know I missed last week, it has been so so busy here and that is a good thing but it has caused me to be a bit absent, neglectful on sharing.

So let us get right into it….

Remember this is 2 weeks difference…


July 20 14 Scale Time at

Oh yes creeping closer to Onderland!!!

Weight difference: –4.4 pounds

Total loss thus far: 162.4 pounds!!!

I will take it!

Eating here for the most part is going ok.

I am occasionally allowing myself a treat here and there but overall it is good.

Lean proteins fruits and veggies

and of course my absolute fave…


I know I know not a food group, but none the less I enjoy it and justify it as I get added protein benefit with it so it is all good! =)

Now let me hear from you…

How has your week been? Good news to share?

Until next time…